Ragdoll Breeders in Hertfordshire & Essex

Ragdoll Breeders in Hertfordshire & Essex


Ragnboots is a small cat breeder which focuses on the Ragdoll breed and is run by Julie Howell. It is fully registered with The British Ragdoll Cat Club and The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. They are located in Basildon Essex and have been breeding healthy and happy Ragdoll kittens since early 2010.

They purchased their first Ragdoll back in 2008 from Debbie Wood of Woodypaws. They treasured their time with Woodypaws Karney and that had started a love affair with the breed that continues today. They follow TBRCC and GCCF guidelines and aim to produce excellent Ragdolls with gentle temperaments and beautiful blue eyes.

In line with the breeding policy set by the GCCF, all of their cats have been given a DNA test. All breeding males and females have been cleared for the known Ragdoll HCM gene as well as for PKD which means that their offspring will be normal.

2.Ragshaven Ragdolls

Ragdoll Breeders in Hertfordshire & Essex

Ragshaven Ragdolls is located in the Hertfordshire countryside and is run by Dawn and Glyn Davies. They have been chosen as the TBRCC Breeders of the year for three years straight from 2011 to 2013. They are also the proud owners of the TBRCC Ragdoll of the year from 2012 to 2013.

Dawn and Glyn had first been introduced to the breed back in 1994 at the Supreme Cat Show and have been enchanted by the breed's beauty wonderful, calm temperament. After going to a few shows, they had met Sharon Terry of Sonnywood Ragdolls. They were asked if they were interested in purchasing a kitten and that is how they met the blue colourpoint Lylia, their first girl. Smitten, Dawn and Glyn and begun to enter Lylia in shows with much success. Their Ragdoll family grew steadily but it was in the year 2005 when they bred their first litter. Because of that, two more kittens were added to their family -- a boy and a girl named Sonny and Cher -- and that marked the beginning of Ragshaven Ragdolls.

All of their cats have been raised within their family home. The Ragdolls are bred for type and temperament while keeping their health and welfare a priority. Dawn is the primary carer for their feline family and is there whenever any of the females give birth to a litter. She also ensures that the cats are comfortable, happy and have absolutely everything they need.

Dawn and Glyn have been taking care of Ragdolls for over 13 years.

3. Woodypaws

Ragdoll Breeders in Hertfordshire & Essex

Woodypaws is a small cat breeder that is based in Essex. It is run by Debbie and Alan Wood. Although the couple only breeds cats as a hobby, Woodypaws has been around since the year 1990. Their cats live mainly in the house and are raised as a part of the family in order to ensure the laid back, friendly nature for which the breed is well-known for. Aside from the comforts of home, the cats also have outside pens in which they could venture outdoors safely.

Debbie and Alan breed only a limited number of litters per year. This means that there is often a waiting list for prospective new owners although the number of enquiries from previous customers do attest to the belief that the breed is addictive and one is not enough.

Rest assured, all Woodypaws felines have been given a DNA test to ensure that they are clear for both PKD and the known Ragdoll HCM gene. Woodypaws is dedicated to the breed. They are registered with the British Ragdoll Cat Club (TBRCC) and follow their guidelines. They breed kittend both in blue and seal with every type of traditional pattern, namely, bicolour, mitted and colourpoint. They are the prod owners of show winners, with Chegayan Theodore chosen as the Grand Champion in the 2014 Cambridgeshire Cat Club Show and Woodypaws Zenith being the Best of Breed at the National Cat Club Show of 2012.