About Ragdoll Cats

The mild-mannered Ragdoll is a semi longhaired, pointed breed. It is known for its sweet, almost puppy-like personality and large build. These are adaptable felines which are great even for first time cat owners as they get along well with adults and children alike. They are also friendly towards other pets and are, in general, easy to train. Unlike many oriental breeds, the Ragdoll is not overly demanding. While they are enthusiastic about food, they do have very soft, polite voices.

Ragdoll Breeders

  • Ragnboots


    Ragnboots is a small cat breeder which focuses on the Ragdoll breed and is run by Julie Howell. It is fully registered with The British Ragdoll Cat Club and The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

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  • Ragshaven Ragdolls

    Ragshaven Ragdolls

    Ragshaven Ragdolls is located in the Hertfordshire countryside and is run by Dawn and Glyn Davies. They have been chosen as the TBRCC Breeders of the year for three years straight.

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  • Woodypaws


    Woodypaws is a small cat breeder that is based in Essex. It is run by Debbie and Alan Wood. Although the couple only breeds cats as a hobby, Woodypaws has been around since the year 1990.

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